Sunday, August 15, 2010

There is something about MOVIES...

In this epoch, everyone wants to be a movie critic, whether that could be a journalist, talented emcee on the TV, websites, witty radio jockeys, your best friend, your loved ones, your kids, your neighbors, and off course YOURSELF. Why you should be left behind the race. So the question is, if everyone is the critic then where is the audience? Who is going to enjoy the movie? Who is going to acclaim for the movie? Where are the whistles and yells during the show? Yes, it is there, but at the present time it's cut down! And it's cut down by a noticeable amount.

I don't want to be a critic, but there is something in me by which I cannot prevent myself by putting my thoughts in front of you. By this you might me thinking, I am feigning, let it be. Whatever I am expressing, those are absolutely my sentiments. If anyone wants to be abided by with it, that would be delightful thing for me.

From today, I have planned to blog something on the movies, as much as possible. You could find the same comments on by me. My efforts are unprejudiced and fair.

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