Monday, May 31, 2010

Shenal's Wedding - 29 MAY 2010


We gathered at our new home - Avanti Heights. After some noisy quarrel (a tu late ala ahes... tu lawakar ala ahes... tula saway whyayala pahije... ti ajun anghol karat ahe... kiti wajalet, KB tikade ordat asel... blah... blah... blah...), we were ready for the odyssey, our mind jutted towards Ozar.


As we reached to the destination, everyone was cherishing HALADI program. No wonder why we should miss that part (these are not my thoughts). Immediately Mew and D were charged like rabies dogs. They were running behind every possible option to find a bakra, unfortunately there were only six victims - Mahesh, Aniket, Rahul, AB, Abhijit and I. And finally they tranquilized.


Mew as usual was displaying her artistic skills by dressing up all the Rukwat artifacts with her P.A.- D.

Rukwat had added the grace to the ceremony.

What a virtuoso performance by AB and his father. Actually, I am not a genius about such things, but whatever I had heard was truly remarkable. It's not an easy thing to compose and deliver it with the caliber.
As Mangal-ashtaka was over, couple was locked up for the new beginning.
And Snehal embarked upon a new role - ET UXOR.
The couple might be thinking - this contemporary moment should remain as is.


No wonder in this word, girls are so much fond of jewelry, fabric, cosmetics. These three samples are also one of them. Anyway, after their drapery they were looking like a prima donna.
They were preparing since an hour but unfortunately their show was not long lasting. Whatever time they had, even they were not satisfied with it. Even if you ask them to live like this for the whole life, they won't mind it.
To show off a bit with their charisma was the main reason to attend the wedding. Somehow they had succeeded, but the unhappy part was, we were leading towards the climax, and the show was about to finish (for us – but its a beginning for the newlywedded couple) in the couple of minutes.

If we are talking about the fashion our men contenders were not far behind. All were dashing, daring, like Sanju baba ESHATYLE, specially Aniket and Rahul. Everyone one was bachelor (except me :-( ). All were expecting some miracle to happen and they might get their dream girl. Search is going on. Still these Bachelors are attending all possible weddings to find their girl.

Dear God... Please help me find a gr8 soulmate...


While driving back we had a new chauffeur. When D was driving, initially everyone had their heart in their mouth. However, to surprise everyone is my D's specialty. And that could be in cooking, singing (remember Chubby Chicks... :-) ), swimming, driving or German.
On the back seat, there was some talk show going on. Honorable guest was Rahul and rest of the people were emcee. I was not a part of that discussion but few lines which I remembered I am quoting here. During the discussion, Rahul showed his managerial skills by answering every question equivocally. Even to answer in a such way, your mind has to be shrewd. Ummm!!!
Unfortunately, I was not a part of that discussion, so for more info you may co-ordinate with Mew, MO or Aniket. (The story was about Rahul's love affairs. Yes, affairsssssss. Including the latest one :-) )


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