Monday, August 16, 2010

La vita è bella (1997)

In simple words... LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL...

This movie teaches you, life is really really beautiful in spite of whatever state you are in. I really want to accolade Roberto Benigni's genuine efforts for producing this master piece.

This movie is not throwing any louder message to you, not any sleazy violence irrespective of its chronicle which is based on the Word War II and Jewish. It's all about your true representation of the character and how you tweak the situation.

You never know when Giosué Orefice, Guido Orefice and Dora became the part of your family and you just fall in love with them.

This little boy Joshua aka Giosué Orefice is so cute, so innocent that many time you just cry / scream for him. You keep on instructing him several times (man I literally did that).

Everyone could imagine the worst part of the life and we need to learn the harmonious way of living... Just try it out... LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!

10 / 10

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