Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bring It On (2000)

This movie comes up with the mediocre storyline however it was freshly presented by the director (Peyton Reed). Movie is all about sexy moves, dance, cheerleaders, college life, traditional rivals and love story. To some extent it drives you to your college days.

The Cheerleading Competition is the main theme and all the characters are revolved around it. Rancho Carne High School (RCH) announces their new cheerleader captain Torrance Shipman (Spiderman starer Kirsten Dunst) for new year to continue RCH's journey of winning National Championship for consecutive sixth time. In her new persona, Torrance realized that RCH team was betraying their competitor college East Compton Clovers and were winning the Championship. Now, skipper decided to believe in their potential and to bring back their fete by trying out various ways. In between they failed, struggled and some part is really the best and fun to watch.

Overall entertaining movie.

7 / 10

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