Thursday, December 23, 2010

Boxing, Marathon... and Outing

Life is not about survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain...


I am very much happy, as I am back to my boxing regime. Thanks to my friends, because of them I am able to start my boxing routine, but somewhere they have mismanaged their workout. IS ANYONE LISTENING.

After each days arduous routine I think my body is getting more stronger and more resistible, my stamina level is developed. Even it is helpful to keep me mentally calm. Number of times I had suffered from cramps, injuries, now I think I have more capacity to hold up such strains. Only because my wife Namita has started hitting me like a boxing bag.

It is really fun to do our daily exercise. And mainly we are not doing any machine exercise, only calisthenics. You may never find repeated workouts in consecutive days. Many times we are playing football too, it's really fun I am telling you.

Our boxing club’s link, Pune:

Boxing to Marathon

Stamina for boxing and marathon is must. If you have enough stamina, eventualy you may develope your other sapless characteristics like speed, strength, flexibility. And with good stamina your day would be refreshingly good.

On 5th of December, 2010, we had accomplished our marathon. I would like to accolade everyone for participating and completing marathon in their category. Winning and loosing is a different story, but doing other things (like working, book writing or studying) you have achieved this, is really a great thing. To achieve something higher you destiny should be different.

Just keep in mind that your are vying with yourself. Our manager used to tell us during our yearly appraisal, this year's achievement becomes your next years quotidian. So keep competing with yourself. If you have completed 4Km, try for 10Km, if 10Km try for 21Km, if 21Km then 42Km, if 42 then 75, if 75 then 100. Few figures may look like hypothetical, but they are practical ( One fine day you may complete 100Km. There are number of ways you can compete with yourself. And never give up. Just get rid of with your negative thoughts, you may become hero of your own life :-).

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One Day Camping at Waleen, Pune 25-26th Dec, 2010


Water raft building and rafting

Camp fire



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  1. OT: Wanna be inspired by Manny Pacquiao? Watch the Peoples Champ as he does his abs workout. Watch the Manny Pacquiao complete AB workout at his official MP Youtube Channel now!